Tanner-Monagle, Inc

Tanner-Monagle, Inc

tanner-monagleTanner-Monagle, Inc

1120 N Market St
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Telephone: 414.727.8190

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Tanner-Monagle provides original music composition, arranging, lyric writing, sound design, audio recording and editing, video shooting and editing and post-production in Milwaukee’s finest new state of the art recording studio.

Our award-winning studios were designed for optimum sound and the ability to produce great visuals. Four fully decked-out control rooms, three booths, client lounge and kitchen, two work-station rooms and our large recording room and soundstage. Each room is wired to all other rooms for audio, video and data transfer.

Our soundstage is perfect for small video shoots, mid-size orchestras, bands, choirs. Its dimensions are 25’ x 32’ with lighting grid, 600 amp service and full access to pro Tools HD system for audio support.


411 E Wisconsin Ave
United States

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